Leadership Team / Board of Directors

Raiza Basilio

VP, Citizen Service & Defense Portfolio

Mihnea Birisan

Director, Data Exploitation Practice

Tori Choksi

Director, Operations

We asked Operational Leadership – What musician, album, or song best describes your experience working at Steampunk? Check out their bios to find out what values, experiences, and culture inspired their responses.

Brad Cole

Chief Growth Officer

Alan Crouch

Director, DevSecOps Practice

Sean Dillon

Chief Technology Officer

Kimberly Esparza

Director, Human Resources

Brandon Feather

VP, Salesforce Engineering

Quila Franklin

Senior Cybersecurity Manager

Bronwyn Haley

VP, Homeland, Commerce, and Justice Portfolio

John Harllee

Chief Operating Officer

Emily Hsu

Director, Solution Strategy

Penney Jensen

VP, Accounting & Contoller

Matt Kelley

Senior Director, Cybersecurity

Billy Kliner

Director, Salesforce Practice

Max Licht

EVP, Citizen Service & Defense Portfolio

Ben Lienard

SVP, Growth Operations

Oleg Meyerson

Director, Operations

Emily Miller

Director, CISA Account

Carolyn Muir

General Counsel and SVP, Contracts

McArthur Newell

Director, Employee Experience

Joe Nizhnikov

SVP, Citizen Service & Defense Portfolio

Jeff Owen

SVP, Operations, Citizen Service & Defense Portfolio

Dan Parker

Chief People Officer

Robbe Pearson

Chief Marketing Officer

Rachael Pollack

Director of Operations

Andrew Price

Director of Operations

Kristin Recco

Director, Talent Acquisition

Matt Reeves

SVP, Homeland, Commerce & Justice Portfolio

John Rosenbaum

Chief Information Officer

Melissa Rowland

Director, Citizen Service & Defense Portfolio

Mike Saliter

SVP, Strategy

Mike Samarov

Director, Operations

Jen Sessums

Chief Design Officer

Supie Shea

Deputy, Chief Design Officer

Tom Stepka

Chief Financial Officer

Dottie Swanson

VP, Operations, Citizen Service & Defense Portfolio

Matt Warren

Chief Executive Officer

Steampunk means opportunity and growth. Steampunk provides each employee the unique opportunity to grow their careers in service to our nation.

Board of Directors

Tom Headshot

Tom Davis

Board Member

Kevin McAleenan Headshot

Kevin K. McAleenan

Board Member

Matt Warren

Board Member

John Harllee

President and Chairman of the Board

As they have consistently displayed throughout their careers, our Steampunk board members embody the “servant leadership” model as bold agents of change!

Simply put, they place our people—employees, clients, and communities in a business context—at the very top, to serve those above them.