On Tuesday the 23rd of July 2019, we proudly announced the transition from SE Solutions to “Steampunk” as our new company name! It’s a name chosen to convey creative confidence, strength, and growth, and to evoke a bold and diverse cultural connection with all of our employees, partners, clients, and communities. It symbolizes the collision of humans with technology; a retro-futuristic name that will Stand Out among our peers in the industry. It respects the past and inspires our future in a memorable way to both our company and our clients. You’ll notice a new tagline as well, “DESIGN. DISRUPT. REPEAT.” a simple, but powerful phrase that represents how we solve our clients’ greatest challenges. Human-centered Design (HCD) will be at the core of a new methodology that all of our employees will apply to become more connected with our clients and to excel as a team and in each person’s individual role. Together, it creates a distinguishing, creative, and nimble, brand that embodies our core values and sets us apart from the “sea of sameness”.

In the coming months, we will be developing a complete identity (or “look”) to represent the spirit of Steampunk’s business in a unique, memorable, and consistent way.  This will include the exciting build-out of our “design space” in our corporate headquarters.  Stay tuned for more updates!

As Steampunk, we will continue to build upon the lessons, experiences, and successes of our past by delivering operational excellence and providing the highest-quality, personalized service to our clients.  With a team-based, inclusive culture, we are going to fundamentally change our industry.  Our passion lies in creating highly innovative solutions for our clients that are as impactful as they are dynamic, as practical as they are scalable, and as human-centered as they are cutting-edge.

Welcome to the revolution!


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