At Steampunk, our four core values act as our “inner compass” and drive everything we do! Individually and collectively, we use our values everyday as a “check-down” to make new decisions, provide guidance, and reaffirm our position. What we love most about our values is the ability for our employees to make them their own and personally define what they truly mean to them and how they resonate in their lives. What do they mean to you?


1. People @ the Core

People are at the very core of what we do. Our employees, our clients, our partners, and our communities are all central to our focus. Living in the technology space it’s far too easy to focus solely on the solutions without regard for the people who use them to actually deliver the mission. At Steampunk, we are incorporating human-centered design into how we operate internally and how we deliver the best solutions for our clients, so people are always “at the core.”

2. Thrive Being Uncomfortable

When we step outside our comfort zone, we test the status quo, we explore new boundaries, and we experience the “natural high” of learning. Simply put; we grow. And, when we grow we thrive as individuals, as an organization, and most importantly, as a culture.

3. Set the Pace

For us, setting the pace is as much about setting the right example as it is about leading from the front. Our innovative, human-centered approach to solution design sets the pace of our industry because it is not only something that we deliver for our clients, it is anchored in our DNA.

4. Empower Your Community

We leave the campsite better than we found it – in the communities where we live, work, and play. At Steampunk, our employees deploy their “can-do” attitude to help our colleagues, clients, communities, and social causes thrive.