Design & Strategy

Taking an integrated, holistic, and human-centered approach to delivery ensuring our solutions are grounded in the understanding of the people impacted most.

human-centered design evolved

A Creative Approach to Problem Solving

Steampunk’s Design & Strategy capabilities are integrated within our delivery teams to develop human-centered solutions through our Design Intelligence™ (DI) framework. Our designers work alongside their peers in Cybersecurity, Data Exploitation, DevSecOps, and Digital Platforms to ensure that we keep our most sacred value—people at the core—fundamental to everything we deliver.

The Design & Strategy practice is a blend of Service Designers, Disruption Designers™, and UX/UI Designers who untangle complex problems to improve customer experience and understand the intricate relationships of people, systems, and data.

Service Designers look at the big picture to understand peoples’ behaviors and relationships as they navigate through a process or system, to design a holistic experience that meets their needs. Transformation begins with a strategic vision for the future and considers all dependencies and constraints, including technology, organizational structure, human resources, and financial factors. We capture the perspectives of all critical stakeholders so that the solution aligns with their vision, mission, and requirements, and factors in all the identified challenges.

Disruption Designers™ focus on the people impacted by transformation and change, engaging them to embrace and adapt to new ways of working while identifying and mitigating resistance. We know that “build it and they will come” does not work in practice. To ensure our clients’ systems, processes, and technologies are successfully implemented and adopted, we developed a holistic strategy to manage stakeholders through the change lifecycle. Change is disruptive, but fear and risk can be mitigated by being thoughtful, proactive, and deliberate by design.

User Experience Designers focus on how people engage with digital products and services to improve their experience and make it relevant and meaningful. The best product experiences start with the end user and work backward to determine the necessary features and functionality. To maximize early iterative design input, we integrate critical human-centered design methods into our Agile development lifecycle, ensuring that the challenges are well understood, and feedback on the solution is gathered early and in real-time to produce the right solutions for our clients.

design. disrupt. repeat.

Our Design & Strategy Practice Delivery Capabilities

  • Workshop Facilitation

  • Exploratory, Generative, and Evaluative Research

  • Strategy and Vision Design

  • Organization Design

  • Process Design

  • Service Design

  • Change Enablement

  • Customer Experience Design

  • User Experience Design

  • Interaction Design

  • Content Strategy

  • Visual & Graphic Design

  • Communication Design