Steampunk has defined the next evolution of Human-Centered Design (HCD) and Iterative Delivery, which we call Design Intelligence™.


At the core of all we do at Steampunk, Design Intelligence™ keeps our clients and their stakeholders engaged and their needs in focus and it enables us to do our best work, together. Our company tag line of DESIGN. DISRUPT. REPEAT.™ embodies the three major components that makeup Design Intelligence™.


We bring Design Intelligence™ to life by integrating all facets of our client’s mission organization, technical environment, data architecture, and security constraints into our execution so we are better able to identify the real challenges (historical and real-time) and potential opportunities ahead before diving into a technical solution.

This starts with real research, assessments and analyses of existing processes, technologies and other constraints. The client stakeholders, along with our design and technical teams work together, defining the challenges at hand so we can agree on the mission impacts we need to measure along the way. We use our Design Intelligence Studio™ as a focal point for these integrated teams to work on client projects, benefiting from lessons learned (in real-time!) collaborating across all the domains of a problem set. We have an “open door” policy with all existing and prospective clients, so they can get outside their day to day environment to immerse themselves in our collaborative space to “get sh!t done”!.


For Steampunk, disruption is quite simply about implementing change in a practical way to drive outcomes. We create personas and generate wireframes and prototypes, which are fundamental techniques of smart design – but we differ from a traditional HCD firm, in that we continually engage the additional internal and external stakeholders within our iterative process so that we can evolve the design, the data, security, and technical components while keeping the political, financial, and environmental constraints in mind.

This is where traditional firms break down, and Design Intelligence™ fills the void.


Doing this in a repeatable way means leveraging smart Agile management principles and DevSecOps automation where applicable, to define solution acceptance with our expanded set of stakeholders as the governor of the “definition of done”.  Our employees are trained on our delivery techniques so that we can bring any resource in to help with a project without missing a beat.

We hold collaborative workshops to showcase everything from hand-drawn concepts to working prototypes so that each stakeholder can weigh in on the progress and any potential challenges we may not have addressed.  This drives improved user acceptance AND a practical implementation strategy that should address all the cross-functional environmental variables at play in government agencies.

Through this integrated process, we are improving the speed at which we deliver solutions to end-users, AND we are ensuring that all the critical cross-functional teams and stakeholders have had a hand in what the final product should be – solving mission impacting challenges that Steampunk’s Design Intelligence™ was crafted to address.


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