Since our company’s founding, cybersecurity has been, and will continue to be a core capability we develop and continually evolve in defense of our Federal clients’ missions and national interests.

protecting clients data and systems

The Breadth of Cybersecurity Services

For more than sixteen years, we have protected our clients’ data and systems. We continue to take pride in the expertise we provide in this area, and as we pivot to our new company vision, as Steampunk, we are doubling down on providing leading cybersecurity capabilities for our clients. Our corporate experience is rooted in governance, risk and compliance, and we have expanded beyond that to provide cybersecurity services to our clients in a wide variety of areas.

A comprehensive and coordinated Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) program sets the tone for a well-functioning cybersecurity capability. The basic concepts behind GRC include:

Governance: The overall management approach, strategy, and policies for an organization’s cybersecurity practice.

Risk Management: The process for identifying, analyzing, and responding to cybersecurity risks.

Compliance: The procedures, guidance, best practices, and checks that define organizational cybersecurity practices and ensure they are properly implemented.

At Steampunk, we help our customers mature their GRC program to align with commercial and government best practices and emerging trends or we help to establish a GRC program should one not exist already. We help organizations:

Understand roles and responsibilities related to cybersecurity and craft processes for developing the right organization structure and processes to support GRC.

Create or refine a structured approach to cybersecurity and risk management across IT system teams, business/mission teams, and security teams.

Assess and define cybersecurity and risk management processes used by business and mission stakeholders in support of their goals to encourage reuse and consistency.

Cyberattacks or data breaches can be catastrophic to an organization’s infrastructure, reputation, budget, and perhaps most importantly – the safety and security of American citizens. Organizations must now ensure they are set up with thorough network monitoring and incident response (IR) capabilities to ensure they have the strongest protections against malicious actors. At steampunk, we help our customers protect their networks, data, and reputation from security breaches and attacks by implementing an end-to-end incident response program.

Our incident response teams enable an organization to effectively respond to a cybersecurity incident, quickly identifying and minimizing damage resulting from the event. Our teams know how to coordinate and communicate with our clients, system owners, and organizational leadership to provide a comprehensive understanding of what’s happened, the impact the incident has had, and how to communicate with relevant stakeholders so they can understand the impacts and understand steps that can be taken to avoid future incidents.

A successful penetration test can provide an organization with invaluable information about the vulnerabilities at the system, infrastructure, and personnel. We identify system and network vulnerabilities as an ethical hacking organization in order to prevent actual malicious actors from compromising an organization. Often, we find our clients deploying pen testing services to test and strengthen the veracity of the other cybersecurity services running at an organization.

Steampunk brings proven penetration testing services to perform authorized, ethical hacking exercises for our clients to evaluate and understand the security strengths and weaknesses of a particular system or systems within their environment or their entire infrastructure. We’re comfortable performing white box, gray box, or black box testing and have helped our clients use pen testing techniques to bolster the strength of their security – both in the process- and technical approach of their cybersecurity programs.

The SOC is the brain of a cybersecurity organization. It sits squarely in the center of all the security operations, monitoring, and response activities and is responsible for protecting the organization and their people, data and systems. Our cybersecurity experts bring monitoring & response, prevention & detection, incident management, and overarching SOC management experience that we apply to the complete SOC lifecycle. In many organizations, the SOC is ultimately responsible for all operational aspects of cybersecurity. All of the people, processes and technology involved in securing an organization and its assets are in the purview of the SOC, and our teams are experienced and ready to lead your organization’s SOC management.

Our Cybersecurity Practice Delivery Capabilities

  • Cybersecurity Engineering

  • Insider Threat

  • Penetration Testing

  • Incident Response

  • SOC/DSOC Monitoring and Management