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Empowering Federal Agencies with Steampunk’s AI Center of Innovation: Harnessing Design Intelligence for Ethical AI Deployment and Generative AI Adoption.

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AI for the Federal Government

Using Design Intelligence to Build an AI Center of Innovation

At Steampunk, we’ve been helping Federal Agencies adopt predictive AI technology to improve mission efficiency, identify new leads and targets, and improve their interaction with the public. Today, we are leading the charge on generative AI adoption for the federal sector, from creating AI policy to deploying generative AI applications in production.

Generative AI is a form of artificial intelligence that can create new content from text to images, by learning from existing data. While generative AI has been around for a few years in AI research circles, the recent advancements in GPU microchip technology and updates to neural network architectures have resulted in an exponential proliferation of these tools across the public and private sectors alike. Generative AI applications present huge potential in assisting, automating, and innovating across a wide range of tasks within federal agencies.

Steampunk, is bringing generative AI use cases to life for our customers – from prompt engineering, to creating GPT agents, to refining and specializing foundational models, to building retrieval augmented generation (RAG) pipelines, to training domain specific models within agencies, our AI experts are empowered by our AI COI to deliver solutions using the latest technology. We partner with NVIDIA, a global leader in AI who has invested significantly in research and development to accelerate AI development. Our AI experts are trained in NVIDIA, as well as open source technology.

To learn more about how we create data strategy, develop data lakehouses in the cloud, design data visualizations, and support machine learning use cases, check out our AI & Data Exploitation capability.

Our AI COI is enabled by Design Intelligence, our delivery framework that combines a focus on customer experience, efficient proven process, and deep technical expertise to achieve Quality at Speed. The COI is built on four key pillars: