At the core of all we do, Human-Centered Design keeps our clients and their stakeholders engaged and their needs in focus and it enables us to do our best work, together.


Human-Centered Design (HCD) is a creative approach to problem solving and is at the heart of everything we do at Steampunk. It’s woven into all of our capabilities, including our design space that enables us to engage our clients “offsite” in a customized environment for truly distraction-free workshops and design sessions. It all begins with the people we’re designing for and ends with tailored, innovative solutions that match our clients’ expectations for improved experiences. By integrating our clients’ people at the core of our problem-solving, our teams gain an intimate understanding of the challenges they’re facing, we’re better able to empathize with their challenges, and we’re better prepared to iterate on and test potential solutions to solve even the most intractable problems.

Service Design

Change starts with a strategic vision for the future of an organization’s mission and goals and considers all dependencies and constraints, including technology, organization, human resources, and financial and budgeting factors. We use Service Design methods to capture the perspectives of all critical stakeholders so that both the challenges and ultimate solutions align with the vision and consider all angles of the challenge. Methods and activities include:

  • Vision Mapping Workshop

  • Process Mapping and Strategy

  • Cross-functional Coordination Workshop

  • Brand Analysis and Development

  • Organizational and Cultural Change Enablement

Product Design

The best product experiences start with the end-user and work backward to determine the necessary ingredients and form of the finished product to be built. To maximize early iterative design input, we integrate critical Human-centered design methods into our Agile development lifecycle, ensuring that the challenges are well understood and feedback on the solution is gathered early and in real time to produce the RIGHT solutions for our clients. Methods and activities include:

  • Stakeholder Customer Experience (CX) Research and Analysis

  • CX to UI/UX Design Translation Workshops

  • Embedded Scrum Designers

  • Prototype Development and Design Sprints

  • From Touchpoints to Journeys – Comprehensive CX Check-up

Data Design

Some would say data is at the heart of every mission. Human-centered design asserts people at the core. We believe that humans and data should work together as one, and our goal is to better understand how data is created, collected, processed, and ultimately exploited by people to unlock and apply the data’s value.

Data Design is the combination of methods for rigorous identification, design, and integration of data assets for effective exploitation and analysis of information by mission stakeholders. Methods and activities include:

  • Data Architecture, Process, and Ownership Mapping and Implementation

  • Data Integration and Security Assessment and Implementation

  • Data Analytics and Business Intelligence Assessment and Implementation

  • Data “-ilities” Alignment Workshop and Implementation


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