Even though commercial Clouds have been a priority for Government organizations for a number of years, there still exists a significant gap between legacy, on-premise infrastructures and unrealized Cloud-first strategies. Federal agencies lean on our experts for all manner of Cloud-focused professional services.


Steampunk is a full-service Cloud professional services provider capable of architecting tailored Cloud strategies for Federal organizations that manage the wide variety of requirements

Some of our clients have fully exploited the Cloud and entrust a portion of their production workloads to public Cloud Service Providers. The majority of them, however, still fall short of realizing the dream of elastic infrastructure, lower cost, and faster time to market – primarily due to data and application security, legacy migration, and cloud operating model challenges.

To help our clients truly realize the value of Cloud, some of the areas we focus on in our Cloud practice are as follows:

  • Cloud Strategy
  • Cloud Architecture
  • Cloud Migration
  • Cloud Operations
  • Cloud Security

Cloud Strategy

For Cloud to become a first-class citizen at an organization that has been running its own infrastructure for so long, its important to start with a strategy that focuses on the organization’s priorities, their short- and long- term plans for Cloud integration, and how Cloud will co-exist with the rest of the organization’s computing environments going forward.

At Steampunk, we build Cloud Strategies for our clients by evaluating their people and skills, their processes and financial (chargeback) models, and their technology standards to understand the starting point and what will need to adjust in order to realize the organization’s goals. With the wide variety of use cases for employing Cloud technology coupled with the diversity of each organization’s existing state, our Cloud experts tailor a strategy for each organization. Areas we focus on include:

  • Where and how will the organization use Cloud computing services?

  • How will the organization manage, secure and integrate workloads and services in the Cloud or in a hybrid infrastructure configuration?

  • How does the organization employ their application development strategy and accompanying architecture in the Cloud?

  • How does the organization’s existing on-premise infrastructure, investments, and data center operation integrate with or change based on the Cloud vision?

  • How can the organization achieve quick wins with the Cloud and what are the long-term strategies to realize the full potential it offers?

Cloud Migration

In the process of building out a Cloud Strategy, one of the early steps and initial goals for most organizations is to move existing applications and data to the Cloud. Determining which applications should move first, how those applications should move, how to ensure proper integration with external dependencies, and how to optimize use of the Cloud to realize the benefits promised by the Cloud Service Providers is a challenging task for most organizations.

At Steampunk, we specialize in building out the Cloud migration process and executable plan based on our clients’ needs and priorities. Applications, data, and workloads that are destined for the cloud have to go through a rationalization process that identifies the complexities of those assets, the integration points, the security considerations, and the manner and priority in which the workloads should be migrated. The following is an introduction to the types of migration methods we employ for applications moving to the Cloud:

  • Replatform – For applications that would best be delivered using a new technology architecture, we replatform. This is commonly done with “low code”, low complexity, fast time-to-market platform technologies such as Salesforce.
  • Refactor – This involves analyzing the application to understand how it could run optimally in the Cloud and considers replacing or changing parts of the application to realize that optimal state.
  • Rehost – This is a “lift & shift” move which involves picking up an application and moving it, mostly as is, to the Cloud.

  • Retain – For applications that make sense to leave in place and not move them to the Cloud, we “retain” them as-is and work with our clients to develop interfaces to the data or business processes that still need to be accessed.

  • Retire – Applications that are no longer used or are being replaced by some other workload are then retired.

Cloud Management

All of our clients are organized to manage their existing IT assets in a way that makes sense for the agency and the way their people work. Many organizations are beginning their Cloud journey or are looking to optimize the manner in which they manage Cloud resources in conjunction with the rest of their enterprise.

Infrastructure management is represented by a convergence of the people, process and technology within an organization and the manner in which tasks are performed has been forged and refined over many years. Introducing new technologies such as Cloud requires a strong understanding of the organization, it’s current practices and the Cloud Service Providers’ (CSP) technology and optimal management approach.

Steampunk’s Cloud experts can help with the architecture, deployment and management of your Cloud environments and solutions. In addition to overall strategy, architecture and migration competencies, we focus on a series of functions necessary to operationalize the Cloud. Some of these functions include:

  • Provisioning and orchestration

  • Automation

  • Security, compliance and governance

  • Monitoring and logging

  • CSP account, cost and charge-back management

  • Distributed architecture for availability, redundancy, disaster recovery


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