The Steampunk “How”

In this series, I've talked about the structure of our company, purpose-built for responsiveness and risk-taking, and I've enjoyed sharing a bit about our brand, which serves as our rallying cry. In this installment, I'm excited to dive into how

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What’s in a Name?

Don’t worry, I won’t ask for a show of hands, but how many of us have worked for companies whose names were… less than inspiring? Anyone ever have to say the dreaded “what does ‘ABC’ stand for…? Ummm, nothing.” But

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Built Differently

Over the past several weeks I’ve had the pleasure of reconnecting with friends, Shipmates, and civilian and military customers old and new. We talk about career changes, who’s gone where, who’s doing what, and why they went where they went. I love

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DoD Identifies Fake Agile, Changes the Game

In September of 2019, Forbes published a provocative article entitled “How Fake Agile at DoD Risks National Security.” In the article, Forbes’ Senior Contributor Steve Denning explores how the Department of Defense is putting controls in place to attempt to root out the practice of

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